Automotive Franchises Across Canada

More than 33.7 million vehicles are registered in Canada, with billions of kilometres on their odometers. Routine maintenance, repair, quality parts, and knowledgeable service are vital to keep vehicles running at peak performance, creating a wide range of franchise opportunities within the automotive sector. From fast and convenient oil changes [read more…]

Illustration of man and woman stacking B2B blocks on top of each other

B2B Franchises Across Canada

December 19, 2017 Canadian Franchise Association

Businesses in Canada, which are predominantly small businesses, thrive with help from other businesses, which provide services, supplies, and other solutions to ensure their operations run as smoothly as possible. Here, FranchiseCanada has compiled business-to-business franchise opportunities across Canada, including those that provide signage, printing, accounting, and marketing services, along [read more…]

Beaver holding a burger behind a Canada flag

Burger Franchises Across Canada

The strongest growth in the food industry in 2016 belonged to quick service restaurants, which saw a forecasted growth of 6.3 per cent, or $28,563 million (Foodservice and Hospitality). Burgers are quick to make, easy to find, and universally enjoyed throughout the world all year. This popularity, combined with food [read more…]

Education concept image with doodles

Education Franchises Across Canada

Education-focused franchises cover a lot of ground across the country, with a diverse range of learning centres and programs from coast to coast, covering subjects from mathematics and English to science and theatre, and more. From as young as preschool-aged to college students, these franchises offer a place for young [read more…]