The Drive for Excellence

The road less travelled isn’t always smooth or easy, but big rewards are in sight for those that stay the course. For Mr. Lube multi-location co-owners Rick Spindor and Keith Wickens, it was taking the unbeaten path that shifted their success into high gear. In 2007, Spindor had just ended [read more…]

Woman Power

With a sharp business sense, great communication skills, and a collaborative spirit, more women are taking the helm of the franchising sector than ever before. Check out how three self-made mavens founded kid-focused franchises that are changing the way women do business. CEFA Early Learning After working in various school [read more…]

Collage of black and orange photos of inside of Orangetheory Fitness gym

The Orange Effect

In the spring of 2010, founders Ellen Latham, Dave Long, and Jerome Kern opened the first Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A year and a half later, Canadian David Hardy became a partner in the company and, in the fall of 2012, Orangetheory was already opening the [read more…]

Updated logo for Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters

Mary Brown’s: New and Improved

February 21, 2018 Canadian Franchise Association

What came first – the chicken or the franchise? Newfoundland’s own Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters is truly a Canadian success story. Originating in St. John’s in 1969, Greg Roberts, a Newfoundland entrepreneur, bought the company from the previous owners in 2007. With vision and savvy, he quickly grew the [read more…]

Multicoloured 2018 with Franchising Trend Report text underneath

2018 Franchising Trend Report

December 20, 2017 Canadian Franchise Association

Small business is big in Canada, with 1.14 million small businesses in the country in 2015, up from 1.08 million in 2012. In fact, the majority of Canadian businesses are small businesses, with 97.9 per cent of all Canadian employer businesses classified as small businesses (with one to 99 paid [read more…]

Photo of kids playing on an inflatable pirate ship

All Hands on Deck

After 10 years of working in the banking world, Amber Dinda was ready for a career change. An entrepreneur at heart, Dinda had spent the better part of a decade commuting to her corporate job in downtown Toronto, working long hours, and never shaking the feeling that she was missing [read more…]