Welcome to Canada

While the proven systems of franchising remove much of the uncertainty associ­ated with traditional business start-ups, a new venture still requires a certain level of courage, a willingness to take on financial risk and build something new. You might say that if there’s one group that’s already “been there, done [read more…]

Everybody’s Gotta Eat

“Everybody’s gotta eat, so it’s got to be good business – right?” It’s a rationale that franchise consultant Gary Prenevost hears often from newcomers contemplating a food service franchise. But with over 15 years of experience with the FranNet franchise consultancy, Prenevost has a measured response to that truism: “Just [read more…]

Global Franchise Flavours

Canada’s diversity means a culinary trip to Mexico, France, Greece, and anywhere else you can imagine is just down the road. These food service franchises serving up tastes from around the world are bringing global flavours to their franchisees and guests. Crepe Delicious It was on the streets of Paris [read more…]