Tutorial 1: What is a Franchise?

Franchising is a business relationship in which an owner (franchisor) gives a license to a third party (franchisee) allowing them the right to use its operating system, name, trademarked materials, products, and marketing techniques. It’s an extremely popular way of doing business, which means it’s nearly impossible not to have [read more…]

Tutorial 5: Intro to Royalties

Within almost all franchise systems, franchisees are required to pay a royalty fee. This is an ongoing payment that gives franchisees the right to use the franchisor’s trademarks and operating system. Why pay a royalty fee? Customers tend to trust brands they know. It’s one of the reasons why the [read more…]

Tutorial 7: Initial Training

If you recall from tutorial 1, you’ll remember that the hallmark of a successful franchise is consistency. No matter which location or time of day you visit a franchised location, the experience should be the same each and every time (i.e. you order a burger at your favourite restaurant, you [read more…]

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