Malika Rezgani, Lice

December 11, 2018 Canadian Franchise Association

Malika Rezgani was working in a medical office in down­town Toronto when she decided to do some light reading during one of her downtimes. A rehab support worker at the time, Rezgani always dreamed of opening her own business via franchising, but with her busy schedule, could never find the [read more…]

Tessa Tristianti, Bloomtools Canada

When Tessa Tristianti immigrated to Grand Falls, New Brunswick from Indonesia in 2009, she didn’t know what to expect. Despite leaving a lucrative career as a marketing professional with her own business, she remained optimistic that she would quickly find a rewarding job in Canada. “I thought my education and [read more…]

Promoted Story: Great Clips

When Yasir Saeed needed a haircut six years ago, little did he realize exactly how much his life was about to change. “I just needed a haircut,” says Yasir, “so I searched online for the closest salon. Up popped the Great Clips Online Check-In app. I was really impressed. And [read more…]

Promoted Story:

When Christoph Braier and his family moved to picturesque Canmore, Alberta in 2010, the entrepreneur was set on getting his real estate license. An architect by trade, Braier knows his way around the real estate business, having spent the previous 25 years developing homes in Germany. Yet, the more he [read more…]