The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise

Navigating Franchise Disclosure

What is a franchise disclosure document? A franchise disclosure document is a written resource designed to provide prospective franchisees with the vital information they need to make the most informed decision possible when investing in a franchise. What should I expect to find in a franchise disclosure document? The disclosure [read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise

Franchise Due Diligence Checklist

When you invest in a franchise, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re investing more than just money – you’re also investing your time, passion, and hard work. With the resources required to start and maintain your franchise venture, you’ll want to have a complete picture of the franchise [read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise

Franchising 101

Franchising is an attractive and powerful way for Canadians to achieve success as small business owners. Through the proven business concept and support provided by the franchisor, franchisees are able to be in business for themselves, but with the support and assistance of the franchisor, the advantage of the franchise [read more…]

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Franchise Legal Counsel Matters

Franchising is often referred to as a mutually rewarding relationship between franchisors and their franchisees. While this is true, the franchise business model is also built upon contracts and other documentation, which makes the relationship that much more complex. Luckily, there is help for prospective franchisees in wading through the [read more…]

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Franchise Legislation Matters

February 16, 2017 Canadian Franchise Association

The franchise business model is a popular way to do business across Canada. Each year, thousands of Canadians go into business for themselves but not by themselves by investing in a franchise. In certain provinces there is a legal framework of legislation to help ensure that prospective franchisees are making [read more…]

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Franchise Disclosure Document Matters

February 16, 2017 Canadian Franchise Association

As part of a proper due diligence process, prospective franchisees should be collecting pertinent information on franchising and franchise systems. They should also be evaluating it against their goals, attributes, capabilities, and assets. During due diligence, some of this information (financial capacity, skills, passions) will come from the franchisee themselves, [read more…]