Issue Focus: The Excellence in Franchising Issue

You’ve read all about Grand Prize winners Little Kickers and Symposium Cafe in this issue of Franchise Canada. In the November/December issue, the celebration of excellence in franchising continues as we highlight the stories behind some of the strongest brands in the industry. The November/December issue is sure to inspire prospective franchisees to achieve entrepreneurial success as we highlight the accomplishments of the CFA Award of Excellence winners, a Franchisee of the Year, and provide other engaging content that celebrates the pinnacle of achievement within Canadian franchising.

This issue will also include an extensive lineup of exciting franchising opportunities in a broad range of sectors along with inspiring success stories, expert advice, and helpful ‘how-to’s to help get you out there and make a name for yourself on the franchising playing field. So open up this issue, learn from the best and brightest in franchising, and scratch your franchising itch!

Watch for these informative features in our November/December 2018 issue:* 

Franchisees of the Year: Behind every successful franchise system is an engaged and passionate base of franchisees. In this issue, we’ll take an in-depth look at what sets an exemplary franchisee apart from the rest with the story of a passionate, engaged, and hardworking franchisee with Mr. Lube.

Award Winners: The Canadian Franchise Association’s Awards of Excellence, Recognition Awards, and Franchisees’ Choice Designation recognize the systems and individuals who are going above and beyond when it comes to building relationships and business success. Here, Franchise Canada has the scoop on the 2018 winners, the latest in a long line of franchising hot shots.

CFA Success Stories: At the CFA, it is our mission to encourage and promote excellence in franchising in Canada. Achieving success in the franchise industry would not be possible without the development and maintenance of rock-solid franchisor-franchisee relationships. Whether it’s through our online franchise directory – – or through the pages of the magazine, we consider it a great success when we’ve helped franchisors and franchisees alike find the perfect fit. We’ll share with you the stories of three franchises who found their franchise partners thanks to the CFA.

Franchising for New Canadians: Our country is growing at an exponential rate, as thousands of immigrants are calling Canada their new home, bringing with them an entrepreneurial spirit. For many immigrants, franchising presents a fantastic opportunity for them to achieve their career and business goals. Here, we speak to industry experts to provide valuable insight for new Canadians into what they need to know before investing in a franchise system with advice in acquiring the right paperwork, financing, and more.

Plus a Special Franchise Focus on Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)! 

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