Canada’s Green Rush

When Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, received royal assent in June of 2018, the Canadian government put the wheels in motion for the launch of what is likely to become a multi-billion dollar industry. This historic piece of legislation, which took effect on Oct. 17, enabled Canadians to legally possess, [read more…]

Let’s Get Digital

As franchising options continue to evolve, untraditional concepts like business consulting, are finding a stronger foothold in the service space. In fact, an established brand with effective marketing strategies can create a strong system that aims to provide franchisees with a more successful consulting business than they’d be able to [read more…]

Road Warriors

More than 33.7 million vehicles are registered in Canada, with billions of kilometres on their odometers. Routine maintenance, repair, quality parts, and knowledgeable service are vital to keep vehicles running at peak performance, creating a wide range of franchise opportunities within the automotive sector. Like any industry, Canada’s automotive maintenance [read more…]

2019 Franchising Trends Report

Bringing with it a series of sweeping changes that set the industry on a new course, 2018 was nothing short of a whirlwind year for Canadian franchising. From the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17, to drastic changes in consumer behavior, the 2017/2018 calendar year was one of transition and [read more…]

Everybody’s Gotta Eat

“Everybody’s gotta eat, so it’s got to be good business – right?” It’s a rationale that franchise consultant Gary Prenevost hears often from newcomers contemplating a food service franchise. But with over 15 years of experience with the FranNet franchise consultancy, Prenevost has a measured response to that truism: “Just [read more…]

Global Franchise Flavours

Canada’s diversity means a culinary trip to Mexico, France, Greece, and anywhere else you can imagine is just down the road. These food service franchises serving up tastes from around the world are bringing global flavours to their franchisees and guests. Crepe Delicious It was on the streets of Paris [read more…]

Child’s Play

Kids today have so many technology-based distractions at the ready, but it’s still vital to their development that they regularly participate in physical activity. The following five franchises are making it easy for parents to encourage this exercise, by providing unique, fun, and engaging ways for youngsters to get outside [read more…]

Building Bright Futures

To help ensure their youngsters have the best possible shot at future success, more and more parents are turning to education and tutoring franchises for a range of beneficial programs and services targeted toward their children’s specific needs. Here, Franchise Canada showcases five franchises that are perfect for entrepreneurs who [read more…]

Multicoloured 2018 with Franchising Trend Report text underneath

2018 Franchising Trend Report

December 20, 2017 Canadian Franchise Association

Small business is big in Canada, with 1.14 million small businesses in the country in 2015, up from 1.08 million in 2012. In fact, the majority of Canadian businesses are small businesses, with 97.9 per cent of all Canadian employer businesses classified as small businesses (with one to 99 paid [read more…]