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While the proven systems of franchising remove much of the uncertainty associ­ated with traditional business start-ups, a new venture still requires a certain level of courage, a willingness to take on financial risk and build something new. You might say that if there’s one group that’s already “been there, done [read more…]

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5 Ways to Wow Franchisors

December 19, 2017 Canadian Franchise Association

As a prospective franchisee, you’ll be investigating franchise opportunities, learning the ins and outs of the brands that have attracted your interest. At the same time, those franchise systems will be conducting their own due diligence on you, making sure that granting you a franchise location would be in both [read more…]

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Q. How does the site selection process work, and what role will my location play in the future success of my franchise business?

A franchise, by it’s very nature, is a proven, replicable business model. Franchises are governed by rules, systems, and processes for how to operate the business, which also apply to entering a franchisor’s company and being granted the rights necessary to operate a business under their umbrella. It’s surprising the [read more…]

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